Just say no to digital snow

Okay, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna complain.

Who’s bright idea was it to inflict upon the general blogging population digital snowflakes?

I hatesssss that person.

Whenever I go to a wonderfully witty blog, begin reading their perfect prose, and then am assaulted by swirling snow – I balk.  I can’t take it.  The scroll bar doesn’t work properly, my mouse pointer/clicker thingy flickers, and then these little white balls distract me.  I can’t read anymore, and leave the page.

Call me a Grinch.  Call me Ebenezer Scrooge.  But I can’t stand the digital snow.  Maybe if it didn’t make my screen act like it was having an epileptic fit, I might be able to sit back and admire the not-so-random pattern of white lights moving across the page, obscuring the words I came to read.  Maybe.

English: A sand sculpture of the Dr. Seuss cha...
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4 thoughts on “Just say no to digital snow

    1. Yeah, kind of knew that, but didn’t want to direct the hate directly at the bloggers, whom, under normal conditions, I love.

      It’s like crack to an addict. If the pusher wasn’t there to push it, they’d find something else to get high on.

      Go get something else to get your holiday spirit high, folks – please.

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