50,000 words later…

…my novel is not finished.


I did finish NaNoWriMo 2011!  Here’s my badge.

I’ll place it on the side bar for a while till something else comes along to usurp it.

I honestly didn’t think I could do it.  I have a two-day meeting tomorrow and Friday that I’ve had to prepare for all week.  I have an upcoming trip to Santiago, Chile for work.  (I’ll be there for a whole week, so expect silence from me.)  And I’ve been swamped at work so I haven’t been able to writing during breaks and lunch time.  But even so, I managed to carve out time and do my NaNo duty.

And, you know what, it wasn’t that hard.  Yes, I need a break.  Staring at the computer for both work and fun makes for very tired eyes, but it does show that I could be writing more throughout the year.  I just need deadlines to keep me on track.

Congratulations to all who completed their NaNoWriMo challenges this year.  And for those of you who fell off the wagon, don’t worry.  There’s always next year.

Until then, keep writing.

8 thoughts on “50,000 words later…

    1. Thank you, Emmie. I’m hoping to have the thing done by the end of December at the latest. Then it will be the (seemingly) endless rounds of editing. 🙂

    1. Well, you had a good excuse. I can’t imagine doing something like this if I was taking a bunch of other writing classes. So do you think you’ll ever finish it?

    1. There ARE legitimate reasons to get distracted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t finish it! Just think: no sleep, more coffee. 😀

      We’ll do it again next year or next month?

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