Happy Thanksgiving

Today is one of America’s greatest holidays.  Though I cringe at all the turkey carnage, this is one of those holidays that I can really related to – a celebration of food, family, and all that we hold dear.

I’ve noticed a few bloggers writing about what it is they are thankful for this year.  So, I thought I’d share, too.

I am thankful for readers.  Though you may not know it, I write for you.  I write to show you the worlds I’ve created, the characters I love, and the obstacles they overcome.  If it wasn’t for you, I’d just be a whistling in the wind.  Which is, of course, not a bad thing either, but it sure is nice to have an audience.

Eat well.  Be well.  Write well.


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

    1. That picture as taken some time in 2005 or 2009 in New Zealand. Some where on the North Island. I have tons that look like this. I’ll post a few more just for you. 🙂

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