Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

Habanero Crop
Habanero Crop

Yes, that’s a really bad shot.

I’ve tried all summer long to take nice pictures of the food I’ve grown in my small garden, but I just don’t have the close up thing down.  I know I have to adjust the settings on my camera, but I’m just too lazy to figure it out.  So…you get fuzzy pictures of my food.

Now, you may be thinking – what on earth do habanero chilies have to do with breakfast.  Well, I am half Mexican.  And, yes, they do go in my tofu scramble.




16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

  1. Those look just like the 50 or so habanero peppers that I harvested from our garden earlier this week! The other plants are now in the compost bin, leaving just a lonely habanero bush that resembles a scraggly Christmas tree–festooned with about 30 more peppers that just might make it to ripeness before the first heavy frost arrives.

    BTW, did you see this story about ridiculously hot peppers?

    1. Cog!! So good to see/hear/read from you! I come to visit, but you haven’t updated in a while, and I still can’t comment for some reason. 😦

      Dude, I’m tough, but that article made me sick just thinking of it… Of course, as soon as I finished reading it, I thought now where can I get me some of those HP22Bs… 😉

      1. I have a depressing number of posts in draft status, but I’m so far behind on everything else that I can hardly manage to get anything proofread and posted. I keep hoping that I’ll catch up somehow–a notion that is quickly becoming ridiculous–but my undisciplined writing habits are even worse since I got sucked into Twitter.

        I’ll have my webhost look into the commenting problem–or maybe it’s time to ditch MovableType and switch to WordPress.

  2. I like wordpress. I’m sure you will too!

    I liked the OWS one ring image. Funny, but not. It’s horrible how the protesters are being treated. My husband and I just watched what they did some some protesters here in California at UC Davis. Infuriating. I’m not sure which to be most mad at – the students for taking it, or the police for dishing it. Of course, there’s no reason why they had to assault them in the first place – it’s just so terrible.

    1. Yeah, the amount of police brutality against OWS is appalling–especially considering how gratuitous much of it seems. I don’t know if it’s a systemic problem related to militarization, or if there are some people who just shouldn’t be cops…maybe a little of both.

      I’ve found a lot of OWS-related images, most of which I’ve posted to Pinterest along with a ton of other things.

      FYI: My blog’s comment process is now fixed, but I had to keep the captcha…I got dozens of spam comments overnight, before I turned it back on. (I guess to switch from MT to WP is on hold for now…)

  3. I love chillies. Have my own indoor plant that grows a variety that I’ve not yet been able to identify. And I have a packet of Cayenne to plant in the new year.

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