Painted Feet and Other Sundry Items

Some of you who have managed to read every post I ever smacked my readers with know that I got into barefoot running a couple of years ago.  Here are my previous posts about it: here and here (over on my other blog).

Winter is upon us, and though my husband and I are now living in the benign weather of coastal California, I’ve been plagued with wet, muddy feet every time I go out on a run.  I run among the vineyards, in grasslands and pastures.  I invariably step in horse poo or a nasty sticker, but I solider on.  My path leads me to the creek trails that are hard-packed gravel, and though my feet have toughened up, they are just not quite tough enough for sharp gravel.  Plus, my feet are cold.  And wet.  Did I mention they get wet and slimy?

Basically, I’m a wimp.  Such a wimp that I started to run with shoes again.  And, of course, my foot, knee, and hip pain all returned – with a vengeance.  My body is just not meant to run in shoes.  Believe me, I’ve tried every running shoe out there.  With orthopedics, without orthopedics.  Rest days.  Shuffle days.  Stretch days.  You name it.

But I like to run, so I keep at it.  Before I discovered barefoot running, I just thought pain was part of it.

I know better now.

There doesn’t have to be pain, nor do you need expensive running shoes!  And I totally, completely, and utterly stand by that.  Barefoot running is the best thing on the planet!

Except cold toes.  And the stickers and thorns.  And the poo.

So for my birthday, I went over to the other side and I got my feet painted.

Painted Feet
My Painted Feet

I know, I know!  I succumbed to the marketing wizards and paid a hundred and ten bucks for a pair of glorified gloves.  But, you know what?

It. Feels. Awesome.

My run this morning was moving sex.  I’m serious.  It felt that good.  Not only can I run with my toes free to move, but my feet stayed dry and warm.  Yippee!

On more mundane matters (not!), I’m up to 19,542 words for NaNoWriMo 2011.  I have the entire afternoon set aside, so I should get in another 2000 or more words.  Wish me luck and I hope all is well with your writing efforts.

Now – go out for a run! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Painted Feet and Other Sundry Items

  1. Ew! Barerunning in poo?! I would rather run on coals than run in poo and deal with the dirt later =P I’m not a wimp … I think … it’s just gross!
    Anyway: my friend has those shoes, has had them for like 2 years now! And he has several pairs and is always telling me how good they are. I might try it out soon. Is it actually basically the same as barefoot running when you have them on?

    1. Hey, it’s horse poo. Not that gross, but gross enough. 😉

      To answer your question: I think it’s actually better than bare foot. When running naked (naked feet), you land on the ball (front) of your foot and your calves spring you forward – it’s an amazing feeling. But you can’t do that unless your toes are allowed to splay out, that’s why you can’t approximate the bare foot gait in shoes. That’s all good until you step on something sharp – ouch! So I end up running rather lightly when I encounter anything another than dirt and grass (I’m a trail runner). With the fivefingers, there’s just that little bit of protection between me and the sharp stuff so I run more confidently. Very nice. 🙂

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