NaNoWriMo – After Day 9

Wow – yesterday, the 9th, was my worst day, but somehow, in the end, it turned out okay.

Not only did I miss a job interview I had scheduled, I couldn’t find time during the day to write a few words on my WiP (work in progress).

Late in the day, after I realized what a forgetful idiot I am, I called my potential new employer to apologize for completely forgetting the interview.  For some unknown reason, the gal decided to re-schedule.  She mumbled something about how brave it was for me to call and apologize, and that everyone deserved a second chance.

I was stunned.

First, she thought I was brave.  What?  Honestly, honey, I’m not brave, I was just being thorough.

Second, I either have to wow them to get that job, or just chill out through the interview and use it as practice for my next one.

It’s the second dilemma that really stunned me.  I was actually hoping to be let off the hook, but as she extended the second chance, I could not not take it, right?  And do I take it seriously, because we all know that I’m now on the bottom of the list.  All the other candidates will have to either fuck up their interview or be woefully under-qualified.

Anyway, when I got home, I got a call from my hubby saying he would be home late.  That meant I had a bit of time prior to his arrival when I was able to hash out 1,794 words.  My total is at 14,259.  That’s a little behind the 1,667-words-a-day schedule, but not by much.  I’m happy.

So…all in all, things are happening, for better or worse, all in one day.

Life.  Can’t predict it.

Oh, and my apologies for not visiting and commenting as I normally do.  I’ve tried to keep up with you all, but something has to give.  I will make it up to you all.  I promise.

However, I have taken time to read the short, pithy, and often hilarious pieces that SomethingNewPlease posts every single day.  The guy is nuts – in a good way.  Definitely worth the time.  Somehow, after reading his stories, I don’t feel so bad about my life. 😉

Write on, folks!

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