Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Hiding from the camera
Hiding from the camera

I’m not sure I’m supposed to write about the photo in these weekly photo challenges, but at least one reader liked the story behind last week’s photo that I happened to include in the comments.

So, here’s the story:

Our day on the beach last weekend was so nice it prompted us to invited our good friends and their two daughters to join us out on Dillon Beach on Saturday.  I took my camera again and tried my best to catch their two-year old as she scampered around on the beach, but she didn’t want to sit still for the camera.  Instead she kept heading for the waves.  With my friends busy with their newborn, they were happy to leave their daughter in my questionable hands while they walked and talked with my husband.

Though the sun was out and the air warm, the Pacific Ocean at this latitude is not.  My friends would have killed me if I let their daughter go into the waves.  Even so, I was tempted to let her…would have been an awesome shot!

Anyway, there was no way I could take pictures and snatch her out of the waves in time.  We ended up tap dancing on the shiny, wet sand.  How quickly small children get their way, huh?

After about fifteen minutes of making a fool out of myself in public, the kid finally wore out.  I had enough time to lift the camera, but not before she moved out of frame.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. Love the picture — toddlers are not easy to shoot. They move around sooo much…I love that you made that work for you with this picture.

    The first two sentences above look wrong.

    1. 😀

      I got what you meant – both ways. Earlier that day while talking on the phone with the girl’s mother, we both wanted to shoot the kid. She would not stop screaming. It was so loud even my ear started to hurt, and I had the phone an arms-length away. Yikes!

  2. I know what you mean , my son used to be moving all the time that it is hard to capture his photo. Most of them end up blurry. Beautiful photo of the child and the amazing beach. Happy Halloween.

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