Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Everyday is a new day
Everyday is a new day
Sea Song
Sea Song

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

  1. That second picture …. you didn’t take that, right? You don’t live there, right? It’s absolutely AMAZING. I sooooo want to live in a place, like that… looks like hobbit land.

    1. Amazing as it may seem, yes, I did take that picture! Just this past weekend at Dillon Beach, CA. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Santa Rosa (where we currently live). It’s a great dog beach. On our way back home, there is a lookout that offers a spectacular view of the mouth of Tomales Bay (a very narrow bay). We stopped to take a picture and there’s this guy singing to the sea. He’s really belting it out and sounds awesome. The day was soooo gorgeous, I suppose he took the opportunity to sing to the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

      California is awesome, dude. You got to make your way over here. 😉

  2. Love the composition of the second one. It’s got great balance. I like it even better hearing your explanation. So cool.

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