Pictures! Pictures!

Words fail me.  But I’ve taken a lot of pictures lately, so here you have ’em.

Last night I carved my first pumpkin for the season (I plan a few more), a WITCH!

The Witch in the Pumpkin
The Witch in the Pumpkin

This morning we woke to fire in the sky.  They are always up there on the weekends, but usually they pass by with a wider margin.  My dog barked and howled at them as they skirted the top of our cottage.  They were cutting it close!

Rooftop Balloons
Rooftop Balloons
Low in the sky
Low in the sky



8 thoughts on “Pictures! Pictures!

    1. Yeah, she’s pretty cool. I have other cool ones to carve. I might to a post of ’em. Some of my past ones have been pretty cool, too, if I do say so myself! 🙂

  1. Loved the witch!

    The balloons are great, too. It put me in mind of something that happened at our place a few months ago. We see a lot of balloons, but one evening, one passed over our house so low, I wasn’t certain it was going to clear the trees. Sure enough, it landed in our back field.

    They tried to get it aloft once more, but ended up packing it up. I had no idea they could put those things down that fast. It was impressive to watch.

    I hadn’t thought to post it, but now, maybe I will.

  2. Lovely pictures tmso. I admit, it took me like 5 minutes until I saw the witch haha. At first, I was thinking: “God! She really has no talent at all. Where is the witch?” I was looking for a full body not a face 😛
    It’s great, though. I hope I get to celebrate Halloween this year in England.

    The pictures are very nice, too, remind me of the iphone 4s advert.

    1. I didn’t think the English got into Halloween like they do here, but maybe I’m wrong. They do an awesome Guy Fawkes – all those fires! 😀

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