Flashed me one

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Well, I done wrote me a flash piece and sent it in – all done under two hours!

What’s wrong with me?

Note to all new writers:

Do not send in a piece prior to giving yourself some space to let the story rest.

I’m sure when I re-read the story in a day or two, the typos will shout out in neon colors.  I’ll fix ’em and put the piece up once it’s rejected.

Ah, well.  At least, I can say I’m writing and submitting!  That’s good…right?


5 thoughts on “Flashed me one

  1. I think that’s excellent, Nila. Not to mention very brave. Sometimes you just HAVE to release a wild one to see what happens.

    Good job.

  2. When I do the flash fiction contests at SFF World, I usually take the “flash” part pretty literally and just throw out the first presentable draft I come up with. I like the challenge of limiting myself time-wise as well as on length.

    Of course, I wouldn’t do that if I was submitting for publication. 🙂

    1. Ha! Well…I did read it over about 20 times before I sent it in. Does that count?

      The thing is I would forget to submit it if I didn’t submit it right then and there. The deadline is tomorrow and if I would have left it a day or two, come Thursday night I’d be – damn! i missed the deadline! Like Jaye said, I let a wild one loose.

      Thanks for the encouragement. It’s for a local paper. We’ll see what they think…for a limit of 400 words there was a lot of blood in there…

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