Hubby and I went to the city last night.  We had a lot of fun driving around the Fleet Week traffic dodging tourists, cyclists, and smartly dressed sailors as we made our way over to Nob Hill.  Once safely ensconced in a parking garage (the one at Sutter and Stockton is, by far, the most civilized one I have encountered in ‘Frisco), we took to the streets of China Town, Union Square and Powell in search of a vegetarian restaurant.  We ended up at New Delhi where we had a nice, but expensive, meal and then walked around a bit more till it was time for our main event for the night:

Magic at the Rex

No, it’s nothing like a David Copperfield show.  No Las Vegas lights and definitely no dancing-girls.  Just a small crowd, a few chairs, and three guys.

In a room past the bar, where you would least expect it, three completely normal-looking guys performed a variety of stunts, tricks, deceptions, magic, whatever-you-want-to-call-it with charm and humor.

Despite my best efforts to catch their slight-of-hand movements, I couldn’t.  The card was in my hand when it changed!!  How did he do that?!

I was stumped.  It’s one thing to see a show in the big lights with all the bells and whistles.  But it’s quite another thing to be sitting less than ten feet (or in my case, less than a foot) from a guy and have him change the color of the card right before your eyes.  The rational, sensible part of my brain says, “There’s got to be a trick!  How did he do that…”  But there’s a small part that says, “That’s impossible…it’s magic!”

Either way, we had a completely good time getting fooled by Adam Sachs, Sebastian Boswell the III, and RJ Owens.

For an hour and a bit, I almost believed in magic. 😉

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