Writing Update #731

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I haven’t done this in a while, so thought I’d put you all through the torture of reading my stupid goals.  This is for me, really, so don’t feel bad about not reading past this point. 🙂

Lorena Libre Mystery Series

  • Novel 1: the fourth draft of Devil’s Blood is complete (more or less) and submitted to Critters for another round of crits (will it ever end?); draft for the back cover blurb also submitted as part of Critter’s submission
  • Map for interior has been started (I hope this turns out as cool as it is in my head)
  • Novel 2: finished first two scenes of the first draft of Guilt’s Heart, rough outline complete, and I’m ready to resume writing either later this month or for NaNoWriMo

Other Short Stories and Flash Pieces

  • (insert sound of crickets)
  • I did send off a flash piece to a contest, haven’t heard back yet, so I’m sure that means another rejection
  • I plan on entering the Short Fiction and the Flash Fiction contests over on SFFWorld.com this month for the small break between Novel 1 and 2 of my series mentioned above

First Contact Imminent Anthology

  • In publication!  As of the 28th of September, so I suppose that means it will be available soon.  Woohoo!  I’ll probably buy ten copies and give ’em away as presents for this holiday season. 😮

I think that’s about it.  Let’s see…what else…I should have an author interview (with Ben Aaronovitch no less!) up on SFFWorld.com soon – I think.  And I have another one coming up with Kevin Hearne.  I have three (or four or five) book reviews I have in the wings awaiting my attention to put on this here blog.  I’m hoping things will slow down at work so I can catch up on those.  I’m sure there’s more I’m not think of, but I’ll leave that till my 2am panic attack.

Until then, write on.


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