Post a day

So…I obviously have something way more important to do, but am dutifully procrastinating.

I decided to sign up for the Post A Day challenge (through in preparation for NaNoWriMo coming up in November.

The goal is to finish the second novel in my series in November.  The idea of starting to post everyday right now is to get the writing-habit fully ingrained.

Of course, I’ve already started the second novel, and because the purist over at NaNoWriMo may cry foul, I’ll be doing it unofficially.

I’ll keep you all posted of my progress.

Well, that’s today’s post completed!

6 thoughts on “Post a day

  1. Yay Nanowrimo! Good luck in your writing this year – it’s really exciting. I’m also going to be writing in a series this year. When you say unofficially do you mean you won’t be signing up on the site? I hope not – don’t deprive yourself of the camaraderie!

    1. Hello, Eritta,

      Yeah…I was thinking of not signing up…do you think it’s alright? Last year when I tried (with a partial complete novel), I was told it wasn’t kosher. 😦

  2. A post a day?? WOW! I could do that right now, probably, but I had to take most of the summer off with my kids being home and our lives being… insane… for, like, 12 weeks. Of course, I think my posts are too long… I need to condense them to more like 500 words or less. I’m wordy. I’m getting better, though. 😛

    Yay for NaNo! I’m going to do it this year, too. I need a break from my WIP, no matter where it is come November 1. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Amy. Yeah, I don’t think my posts are going to be very long. I’m thinking 250 words or so – max. We’ll see!

      Good luck to you on NaNo! I’m sure you’ll so great. 🙂

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