It’s Banned Books Week.  (Thanks for the reminder, Minion!)

It’s the American Library Association‘s Banned Books Week celebration this week (ends on the 1st of October).

Why on earth does ALA celebrate banned books?

You may not agree with the idea presented in all the books on the banned list, but that’s exactly why ALA wants to celebrate them.  It’s your right to disagree or agree, but it is not anyone’s right to squash the free exchange of information and ideas.

It’s amazing what books are on the list.  Some of my all-time favorites like The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

Take the time this week to take a look at the current list (the books banned the most in the past 10 years) and pick one to read (if you haven’t read it already, of course).  I think I’m gonna try The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby, by George Beard because that title is just so awesome.


6 thoughts on “Banned

  1. I’ve never tried the Kite Runner but we were talking about it at coffee today. I think I’ll have to find a copy.

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