I’m such a bozo sometimes.

I often assume the stupidest things.  One of which is that my dear twelve* readers must have all come from SFFWorld.com.  Because, frankly, who else would be interested in what I have to write other than my good friends from the forums?

Because one’s username on the forum doesn’t necessarily match one’s email address nor their blog address, I am often confused as to whom these subscribers might be, but as I said, I just assumed.

So, I also assumed that you all know that I recently became a moderator at SFFWorld.com, and that we are doing a series of author promotion events** on the forums.

Like I said, I’m a bozo sometimes.

Back in July, I had the pleasure of interviewing Liane Merciel, a new fantasy writer with two books out published by Simon and Schuster.  The books are set in the author’s world of Ithelas, and are titled River King’s Road and Heaven’s Needle.  You can find my interview of Ms. Merciel here.

After reading the sample chapter of both books, they are on my list of books to read and as soon as I get to them, I’ll put up my reviews on this blog, and not on SFFWorld.com because we already have official reviews.  You can find the reviews here and here.

Anyway, I now have the ultimate pleasure of interviewing Ben Aaronovitch, author of Midnight Riot.  My own review of his book is here (on my blog).  I’m so excited!  I’ll be sure to let you know when the interview is complete and post a link to it.

Let me know how excited you should be: Mr. Aaronovitch wrote for Dr. Who!!!!!

*(yes, that’s more subscribers than I had yesterday – thank you, dedicated readers!)

**A heartfelt sorry to all you indie writers.  The authors we chose to promote are traditionally published writers, because that’s what the majority of our members are interested in reading.


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