Where’s the friggin’ cloud

Some of you may know that a while ago I did a little research on various types of writing software.  In addition to the old standby, Microsoft Word, I tried yWriter and Scrivener for Windows.  All three are more than adequate for writing and each has some very cool features I found useful.

But the one thing neither of those did well was portability.  I could only access my files from home.

Why would I want this portability?

So I could easily, and somewhat covertly, work on my documents anywhere – including work.

I went over to the white, fluffy side – I started using Google Docs.  At first, it was just a query letter I wanted to share.  Then a short story.  Soon, I uploaded all the meta-writing on my novel and then, the novel itself.  I’ve been pretty much relying on Google Docs, happily so, for the past few months, even when I’m at home on my personal computer.

Alas, the angels in the cloud have shown their teeth, and it ain’t pretty.  It looks like this:

Not Found

Error 404


(Yes, I have a back up, but not one that includes yesterday’s or today’s work.)

2 thoughts on “Where’s the friggin’ cloud

    1. Hey Jaclyn, thanks for stopping by. I just checked it out (I got my work back, but it was a little scary for about 3 hours!). I really like some of the features. I think it would work great for the research phase on a novel. Or just about everything, really. Thanks for the tip!

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