Getting personal

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How personal do you get on your blog?

I try to keep my blog solely about my writing adventures.  Occasionally, life intervenes and I put up pictures of my dog, or a good recipe, but generally, I try to keep this blog life-clutter free.  If I get the urge to talk about stuff that is really personal, I write a post and then just save it.  I have tons of drafts I have no intention of publishing.  They are there as a release for me.  The anonymous minions at WordPress might see ’em, but nobody real ever reads ’em.

Thank goodness.

I just read a rather personal blog post that frankly, I found, well, confusing.  In case you think it might be you, I’ll just say the post in question has to do with marriage trouble.  Hopefully, that will eliminate you.

Anyway, I’m not going to name names or link links, I’m sure you have seen posts like this before.  Where the writer ends up spilling the beans about something in their personal life.  Some of the writer’s readers can relate and understand the author’s need to purge immediately, because they probably know him/her in real life.  But the rest of us, can only watch the public freak show in…confusion?  Amusement?  Sympathy?

What is the use of any of that – from complete strangers – to the author?

I’m sure, that for some writers, getting it out in public, once your life is a bit public to begin with, is a convenient way to tell your readers, fans, acquaintances, friends, and loved ones where you are emotionally and what’s going on in your life.

But, I still think a nice, generic post saying there will be a gap in your blogging is preferable to letting everyone and their dog know about your personal problems.



4 thoughts on “Getting personal

    1. Yes, I’ve definitely felt the need to just get it out there, but I’ve thankfully have learned to control that impulse. I can’t imagine going through a divorce. It must be terrible. The urge to get it out might be too great, but it’s an ugly beast. I know that if I were to post something that personal, I would soon regret it.

      I’m sorry that *life* is getting in the way of your blog. Funny how it does that, huh?

      1. I hope yours is not intruding too much. By the way, you’ve been blogging for awhile. Have you ever put something up you’ve regretted?

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