There’s a fucking reason why he’s on the best seller list.

I have finally started A Dance With Dragons, book five of A Song of Ice and Fire, and I know about all the criticisms out there claiming that George R. R. Martin is stalling and wallowing in the world he has built, but…

Well, wallow away, baby!  I like it.

I love the world he has built, and how he describes it to us. His prologue is gripping, intense and lovely dressed in winter white.

Outside, the night was white as death; pale thin clouds danced attendance on a silver moon, while a thousand stars watched coldly.

Oh!  Sends shivers down my spine.

And it’s not just about how he describes his world, but his characters.  After reading Lump’s story, how could you not feel for or against him?  Or have some empathy for him despite what he does?  What he did?

GRRM is, if nothing else, a master of characters.

And, come on folks, think about the first four books.  He wallowed in them too.  He took forever to get from point A to B, but isn’t it all about the journey?  For me, reading GRRM is not like stepping into another world.  It is like buying an around the world ticket on a sailing barge, shopping around for all the right clothes, gear, weapons, maps, etc, getting to the ship at departure time and being informed that you are sailing on a different ship, get on new ship, sail into the sunset, get buffeted around the oceans by a storm or two until you get sucked up by a whirlpool that churns you around until you think you’ll die, but instead spits you upon the shores of Westeros.

Now, the journey begins.

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