Page 69 of Devil’s Blood (3rd Draft)

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I am officially on the fourth draft of my novel, but I ran across this blog while procrastinating, and thought I’d take the test.

Here’s the basic premise:  There are too many novels out there to read, while trying to decide which of those books are worth your time, you should forego all the hype (the back page blurb, the quotes, whatever), and just read Page 69.  If you like it, then buy it.

A test so simple, I couldn’t possibly pass it up.  (I know, I should be working on the re-write. 🙄 )

I scrolled through my latest manuscript and read page 69 (or what amounts to page 69 in Google Docs).  And you know what, I liked it.  It’s where Andreas and Lorena meet for the first time.  I would share it with you, but I’m hacking up that scene and totally changing the direction on it, so it really wouldn’t be fair to show it to you (plus, the writing is crappy).

Anyway, I was very pleased with what happened to fall on Page 69 and though the passage probably wouldn’t pass any sort of writing quality check point, it was intriguing.  I can only hope the fourth draft ends up with something just as cool on Page 69.

5 thoughts on “Page 69 of Devil’s Blood (3rd Draft)

  1. That’s interesting. I just had to look at mine.
    Page 69 of The Ninth Avatar is when Starka meets DaVille for the first time.
    Page 69 of Thomas Redpool is when Thomas decides to visit Satan.

    Both pretty integral parts.

    MS page 69 of Scions is when Tysane meets Governor Fabron … and we all know how that ends.

    MS page 69 of Rise is pretty interesting… finding Fandur seeking information about prior events that will help him unlock what he needs.

    Guess that just means 60-70 pages in is when shit starts to get real, eh?

  2. I don’t know. I wonder if we chose, say, Page 113, would it be the same? Could we turn to any random page and as long as it’s well written, the pacing good, etc, the reader will happen upon an intriguing bit, because, well, it ALL should be intriguing? Don’t know.

    Either that or we’re all psychic.

  3. Page 113 is when Wan Du meets Starka and DaVille for the first time. Batting 1000, here.

    You raise a good point in that ALL pages should be intriguing but, of course, the further you get in the book the less you’re likely to glean from reading a single page. That’s why it drives me nuts when people say they flipped to the last page of a book and read the end. You’re not only spoiling the entire experience, you’re also negating all the work an author did setting up that final page. Grr.

    1. Awesome!

      You know, I’m one of those people who flip to the last page…

      But, in my defense, I only do it after I’ve been reading the book for awhile and I’m over-anxious about a character – will they die or make it? I’ll read the end and once my fears are put to rest (or realized), then I can relax into the book and stop biting my nails. 😮

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