Goals vs Milestones

Thought I’d pass this post along as it really spoke to me.  Go read it.  Now.

Tobias Buckell is a science fiction author and sometimes he really hits the mark with his writing advice.  Basically, he’s saying that we shouldn’t rely on outside validation.  If you do, then you, wily writer, will start looking, acting, and eating like a pigeon.

Joking aside (yes, that was a joke), what he says is absolutely true.  We, as writers, can only control our own actions.  How much writing we produce and the quality of that writing are the only things we have control over.  Selling that novel or making it a best seller are not things we have complete control over.  We can’t make folks like are crap.  They either do or don’t.

So, instead of waiting for that acceptance note, keep writing.  Keep improving your craft, and when you finish a particularly arduous task, celebrate the accomplishment.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Goals vs Milestones

  1. Oh, dear…you have probably told me the same thing, huh? Sorry. I did like the pigeon analogy. I think that’s what made the light-bulb light up in my head. 😉

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