Writing Update #934

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Happy Monday! 😀

(Ug.  Don’t you just hate folks who are happy on Mondays?)

Inconceivably, I am happy today.

Why you might ask?

Well, I must be still riding the high of last week’s story acceptance.  Or, maybe it’s the fifth blackberry cobbler I’ve made in the last couple of weeks.  Either way, when I read today’s Duotrope’s newsletter, two items caught my eye (really, my eyeball just got stuck there, then it had my attention 😉 ).

The first:

‘Here There Be Dragons’ anthology is coming out by Wicked East Press.  I have an old dragon story of mine I wrote a couple of years ago that I really like.  It was the first story I ever submitted to Critters and I had one over-zealous Critter tear it to shreds.  His critique also shredded my ego.  I never did go back and fix that story.  Though, now that I can think objectively about it, I’m just gonna pull that sucker off of my archive drive, edit it, and send.  All they can say is no, right?

The second:

So, this one I’m attracted to because the editors asked for…

A story that causes old ladies to weep.

I’m an old lady, and all my stories make me weep (the good way).  The trick is getting my stories on paper so that they make you all weep.  This contest/anthology is issued by a new press called Evolved Publishing.  By the look of their website and staff, these guys look serious and seem a notch above the free pubs I normally submit to.  I might be aiming far too high, but I’m gonna craft a story they can’t refuse.

Okay, I’m gonna try to craft a story they can’t refuse.

Wish me luck!

Oh, I’m still plugging away on Devil’s Blood and Guilt’s Heart.  The two novels are actually going really well.  Slow, but good.  That may be another reason I’m in a good mood…

Later! 🙂

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