Cheap Thrills

Once you get past a certain age, it doesn’t take much to titillate the senses.

At a yard sale the other day, my husband ran across a box full of old, vintage books.  He pulled one out, and with a smirk on his face, said, “Check this out.”

Cover of How Cheap Can You Get?
Cover of How Cheap Can You Get?

I drew in a quick breath, and whispered, “Honey!  That’s old-timey porn.  Put it back.”  But I, hypocrite that I am, yanked it out of his hand to study the cover and back.

Back of How Cheap Can You Get?
Back of How Cheap Can You Get?

If you click on the picture above, you’d get a higher res, blurry photo and would note on the bottom of the back: A Journal for the Truly Shameless.

The blurb is classic, but it has a typo!

Inspired by 1950s pulp sensation How Cheap Can You Get?, this sassy journal challenges you to be as bad as you can be on its virgin pages.  Somewhere in the space between the struggle to make an extra buck and the inner landscape of ambition and lust, the graphic, gritty details of your life are waiting to be told.  The truth doesn’t always have [sic] be pretty in this rare, uncensored edition.

Inside the How Cheap Journal
Inside the "How Cheap" Journal

Hubby thinks I should try my hand at erotica. 🙄

I bought it for when the mood strikes me. 😉

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