Where do you want to be?

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Success in life can be fleeting.  I’m sure that’s a quote someone famous said, but when I Googled it, nothing came up on the first page.

Oh, the coveted first page of search results!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone typed in the subject of your book and YOUR BOOK WEB SITE appeared front and center?

Wouldn’t it?  You’ve thought about it, no?

Well, I have.  Like the Harry Potter series seems to be going, I have silly dreams of my soon-to-be finished (yes, that’s a dream, too) books outselling the Holy Bible, the Koran, the Art of War, the Buddha’s teachings, and every other book – COMBINED.

Hey – if ya gonna dream, better dream big.  (I know someone else said that, but I can’t find it either!  But I did find a completely unrelated blog post titled very much the same.  Click the link – I dare ya.)

We all have big dreams for our stories.  Like children, no matter their size, their strengths or shortcomings, whether they be a 100 word snippet or a 150k tome, we want everyone on the planet to read our words.  And all their children a hundred years from now. 😮

But, it’s not all about just having folks read it.  For me, at least, it’s about touching another person deeply enough to move them to tears, laughter or even just a mild pleasantness.

Hell, if someone just said it didn’t make them cry out, “Stop the torture!” then I’m all right with that.  And, when I’m not dreaming about my novels being the next Nirvanic (is that a word?) experience for the entire world and future populations, all I really want is to prefect my craft enough so that folks enjoy my stories.  That’s how I choose to define success.

Of course, that’s all fine and dandy to say, but, as a writer, how do you know when you have reached success?  How do you even know if you are on the path to whatever your success-scape looks like?

The first part of realizing any goals is identifying them.  The next is setting specific tasks that will lead you to accomplishing your goal, and then setting a schedule.  The last part is, you know, actually doing it.

Ah, again, easy enough to write…

Let’s start at the beginning.  How do you define success?  Five years from now, where do you want to be?  Sitting behind a table at a big name bookstore signing your name in your first book?  Raking in all the dough from online sales while on vacation in the Bahamas?  Handing your carefully crafted POD book to a friend and saying, “I did it?”

Whatever it is, share it with us.  I’ll go first.

Five years from now, I will be a self-published author with three e-books/POD books to my name (each with at least one three-star rating).

Okay, your turn!

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