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I have to drive to work on Fridays because my allergists’ office is way across town.  I can’t physically bike fast enough to ride there, get poked three times, wait the required 20 minutes, then ride back – all without sweating.  Sorry.  It’s not happening.  So, I drive.  It’s one of the few times I get to listen to NPR.  This morning, I heard this:

…if you’re willing to hear ‘no’ so many times that it sounds like ‘yes,’ then you’ll probably be successful. ~ Jonathan Kaplan

From this NPR interview.

Johnathan Kaplan is a well-known entrepreneur, most famous for his Flip camera that he sold to Cisco and then they, in turn, put that baby to rest.  Anyway, he’s coming out with another great idea (grilled cheese sandwich and soup restaurant) and NPR interviewed him about that.  Towards the end, he’s asked what advice would he give to would-be start-ups, and we got that lovely gem above.

Take it to heart, people.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration from an entrepreneur

  1. Ha! Is that all you can think of? More food?

    What’s really sad? I’m lactose intolerant. (goes without saying that i love grilled cheese sandwiches too)

    In a perfect world, I’d order thick, sour dough whole wheat bread with spicy, pepper jack cheese – on Monday.

    On Tuesday, it would be a lite rye with gouda. Wednesday I’d need something to get me over the hump. Maybe, a fancy feta spread on a crossiant. Oh! The possibilities are endless!

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