The Ellusive Art of Self-promotion

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As a new kid on the block, I try to absorb as much as possible about the business of writing.  Not because I intend to turn my hobby into a career, but because I don’t want to appear uninformed about a profession I want to dabble in.

It’s the same for any of my hobbies, like beading, wind chimes, sewing or any of the other things I take up on a whim.  I like to do all those things, but only after I do a bit of research.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this blog.  The point is to talk about self-promotion, particularly the self-promotion an author must do to get his book out there into reader’s hands.  Regardless of whether I self-publish or try the traditional route, whether I give it away free or ask top dollar, if any of my novels ever get to a finished product stage, I want folks to read it.

Which means, I have to advertise.

No, I can’t just rely on my brilliant prose (ha!) to lure in readers.  Why?  Because there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of brilliant writers out there churning out more stuff than the current population of readers can handle (now, there’s a reason to promote increasing the literacy rate!).  There’s just too much stuff out there to read.  Hell, I’m only gonna read 15 books this years.  That’s it.  15.

Well, that’s what I have planned.  I’m sure I’ll read more, but that’s what I said I would read.  Regardless, that’s not much.

Which means, gentle reader (thanks for reading!!!), I will have to learn the fine art of self-promotion, hawking my wares, advertising, begging.

How to do that?

Well, here’s one way.

Nathan Bransford, an agent turned author with a super-duper, popular blog, has resorted to, well, it appears to me, begging.

He’s asking his loyal blog readers to buy his book. (sigh)

Is it the right way to go about self-promotion?

2 thoughts on “The Ellusive Art of Self-promotion

    1. Oh, my my my my my – that’s a huge list of ways to promote! My hats off to you for doing them all. And I sincerely hope all that effort resulted in sales. Thanks for sharing (and educating me). 🙂

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