When nothing else seems to work

Okay…I had all this weekend to myself.  I had dedicated my time to writing, writing, writing.  I have three very interesting projects that I could be working on, but, alas, every word I type is PAINFUL.  I’ve managed to outline the heck out of all my projects, but getting my characters to actually DO something is getting as hard as holding back my dog from sniffing a skunk’s ass.

For whatever reason, it’s just not flowing.  I’ve tried sacrificing a virgin (my dog was having none of it), praying to the stars (there are none this close to the city), and opening a vein (dang blood got everywhere and was really just another distraction).

I had sincerely hoped to write something uplifting on this blog about my progress this weekend, but instead…I have this:

The Random Writing Prompt Generator!

When one is bored, or just plain procrastinating, there is nothing like the internet to eat up countless minutes that could otherwise be spent…oh…contemplating one’s navel, cleaning the refrigerator, or playing Scrabble with anonymous persons on your iPhone (yes, I confess, all weekend long).

So, I thought, I need me some inspiration!  Something to squish the juices around in my brain and get things moving.  I could join the folks over on SFFWorld.com and take part in the contests, but then that would mean I’d have to read all their entries this month.  I’m not up for it.  I must do something!!!

I asked Gog (Google) what to do.

She directed me to the link above.  It’s a random writing prompt generator for kids.  (Why isn’t there one for adults?)  The site gives you three different ways to generate a random story prompt.

It can be a simple tag line.

The [adjective] [noun] that went [action/verb/phrase].

I got:

The tough guinea pig that went to the mall.

Hmmm… doesn’t quite inspire anything in me, but it is cute.  I imagine you can soften up the critter if you roast him with a bit of butter and wine.

The second option gives you three random objects that can in incorporated into a story.  I got:

A pear, a propane tank, and a chocolate doughnut.

Oh my.  That doesn’t help at all.  That just makes me hungry.  Moving on…

The third option is much more involved.  Who would have thought they taught kids so much about story structure?  Nobody ever told me about any of this stuff…  Anyway, you can have the site choose the six major story elements of your plot.  Those include the protagonist, the antagonist, the setting of your story, the goal of your protagonist, an important event, and an important object.  That last one is a bit suspect, but I suppose all kid stories do have important objects in them.  What a way to get kids to develop an unhealthy relationship to possessions, huh?

Anyway, here’s what I got:

  • a ticket-taker
  • a wicked witch
  • an antiques store
  • to save the orphanage
  • adopting a cat
  • a magic ring

Well, now, that’s a bit more interesting.  I can make a story out of that…maybe something like…

Young Aria has only one thing on her mind: chocolate donuts.  Or, rather, that the orphanage’s mistress, Ms. Witoch, a wicked witch if you asked Aria, has banned all sweets from breakfast, lunch and dinner, ruining what little happiness Aria and her fellow inmates could garner from the meager meals Ms. Witoch served.  But Aria has a plan.  Earning money as a part-time ticket-taker at the local fair, Aria dreams of buying the magic ring at the antiques store next to the orphanage.  With it, she could fight off Ms. Witoch’s iron grip on the cook’s pantry, and restore the sugar content of their meals, keeping her fellow orphans from resorting to eating that darn cat.






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