Writer Update #12

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Yeah, those numbers in the post titles don’t mean anything.


Before I get into it, for those of you in the USofA – Happy Fourth!!  I hope your day is pleasant and your night filled with loud bangs and bright lights. 😀


Have I been writing?

Yes!  I have.

I’ve started the second book in my Lorena Libre Series tentatively called Guilt’s Heart.  It’s going along smoothly.

I’ve also started re-vamping Devil’s Blood (still planning on self-pubbing in June 2012!), doing my best to bring the middle bit into focus that I think got a little wayward bound.  The details I want to change work well with the new material I’ve written up so far for Guilt’s Heart.

And, I’ve started another short story.  It’s actually an extension of a flash fiction piece I did a while back called Satiated Soul.  I plan on submitting that to Crossed Genres for their ‘Fat Girl in a Strange Land‘ anthology.

And, I just submitted a rather crappy story of mine, Mother’s Curse, to May December Publications for their ‘Vampires Aren’t Pretty‘ anthology.  I know there are issues with this story, but I can’t figure out how to fix ’em, but it does have its moments, so I’ll keep shopping it around till it either gets published or I figure out what’s wrong with it.  Or not.  We will see.

I’ve read a lot of unpublished material recently, can’t really review any of it here, but maybe they’ll be published soon and then I can. 🙂

Should be hitting some published books soon.  There’s Jon Sprunk’s Shadow’s Lure that just came out that I do want to read when it comes out on KindleGRRM‘s last installment of his Fire and Ice series is a must read, but I don’t think it’s out in e-edition yet (WTF? pre-ebook orders?).  Plus, I have two books I purchased recently that are next on my list to read: Pickers and Pickled Punks by Marina Bridges and Tinker’s Tale by Stephen “B5” Jones (a SFFWorld.com native!).  Oh, and I also have to review a short story called A Sailor on the Sea of Humanity by Andrew Burt, but just haven’t gotten around it to.  I’ll try to put that up this week.

Happy Writing and Reading!


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