Research, research, research

Doble Excelente
Doble Excelente

Who ever said research was boring?

I love researching stuff for my novels.  If all I ever had to do was research cool stuff and someone, like, paid me for it, I’d be in my slice of heaven.

At the moment, I’m learning about ships.  And in particular, 15th century ships.  I’ve got a book waiting for me at the library and I’m psyched about getting it.  (Yes, I’m a nerd, remember?)

I’m also reading about the history of money in Spain, as in maravedís and reales (only those didn’t come into use until 1497, five years after the events in my novels).

All cool stuff that gets me excited about the events in my story.  I don’t know why, as I often use very little of it when I write.  But I find it sets the tone in my mind, allowing my characters to act appropriately because they know not only their limitations, but the limits to their environment.  You know, how much money could Andreas possible carry in a pouch?  Would it be enough to pay for a trip on a boat?  Or bribe the local bailiff?  Or buy the safety of one girl?

And once they are on the ship (will they get on a ship?), where the heck will they sleep?  Will they be in the way?  How long is the trip?  Would Andreas be expected to help out on the ship?  If so, what would he learn?

Oh!  Fun! 😀


4 thoughts on “Research, research, research

  1. I enjoy research too. I end up taking notes a lot of times. I have a couple of interesting bits I borrowed from an issue of National Geographic.

    Research is fun, especially if it’s on the stuff you’re into.
    I tend to love using biology in my own work.

    I’ve gotta do some reading on the time periods that radiation stays in an area, and how long it takes to dissipate. It’s an interesting subject, and it can give real incite on the lethal power of this stuff.

    1. Yes, biology is amazing. Nature provides the coolest creatures and infinite ways to create and kill something. For one of my earliest efforts, I had to research the natural and potential “unnatural” use of chitin.

    1. Funny, I do the exact opposite! I read fiction on my iPhone (go figure), and get real books when I want to learn something.

      But, yeah, research is fun. I’m not sure why some folks hate doing it. I mean, you’re learning, right? Learning stuff that you find interesting. Who wouldn’t like that?

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