A day in the city

Hubby and I went out to San Francisco yesterday to gawk at wares and weirdos at the North Beach Festival.

We knew we’d be in for some interesting sights when the first thing we came across was this guy:

Bone Head
Mr. Bone Head

In case you are having a hard time reading that, it says:

My wife’s been kidnapped.  I need $1.98 to get her back…

I’m sure that won over the ladies!  The other side was also funny, but not mentionable on this here blog.

We then got an eyeful with this guy:

Mr. Sparkle
Mr. Sparkle

Yes, it was hard to look directly at him, but he was a really nice guy.  He just wanted to take pictures with everyone.

There were also some normal street entertainers too:

Peruvian Street Performers
Peruvian Street Performers

Which, I think, are Peruvian street performers. They were good.

There were many, many fine artisans selling jewelry, clothing, paintings and more, but we didn’t buy anything.  We’re cheap.  We always just go and look but rarely buy something.  But it was a beautiful day in the city and it was fun to walk around and eat.

Oh, yeah, we did eat – garlic fries and veggie corn dogs!  Yum!

On our way out, I started noticing all the graffiti and thought I’d share:

Stenciled Fish

It seems even the taggers are going mass-production. When did they start using stencils? Here’s another one that took some effort:


Stupid iPhone camera doesn’t zoom. That says:

If at first you don’t succeed, call an AIRSTRIKE.

Then on our way out to the parking garage, we got a nice surprise:

Hindu Wedding in the City
Hindu Wedding in the City

A Hindu (Indian) wedding in the city!  What fun!  Their sound system consisted of a boombox the size of a truck.  The groom’s family and friends danced down the sidewalk and we joined in!

Just another day in San Fran…

North Beach Mural
North Beach Mural

2 thoughts on “A day in the city

  1. Really cool stuff. Reminds me a bit about my hometown, Key West, FL. I was born there, but now live in central Florida. They had plenty of crazy stuff going on in a few areas on the island.

    Look up Fantasy Fest in Key West. There are some beautiful costumes, and also non-blog safe things too.

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