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I had wondered how to keep track of my queries and was considering a spreadsheet.  I have a list of agents stored in a plain text file that T. gave me way back before I thought I would even attempt to query.  I was slowly expanding it with each agent’s contact information and submission details.  But that was bit cumbersome.

Duotrope didn’t have anything for agents, so I complained.  And with the wonder that is the internet, my need was assuaged: Query Tracker.

Query Tracker is a nifty little website that Tricia alerted me to earlier this week.  (Thanks, Tricia!)

At first, while setting up my profile and trying to figure out how to enter a submission, I got a little peeved with the site.  It kept alerting me that with a premium, paid account, I would have access to better reports and tracking systems.  I was about ready to bag the site and go back to my spreadsheet.

Sheesh, how spoiled can you get, huh?  I mean, these folks provided this awesome site that helps to organize my crap and I get a little upset that they want money for their efforts.  How annoying can I get?

I’m not being sarcastic.  I really do think we are getting spoiled with so much free stuff on the internet.  Kind of like when folks like me are so willing to give up our writing for free just so that we can get some attention…hmmmm…an idea for another blog post.

Anyway, after poking around a bit, I realized the true worth of the site: the agent search and the My Agent List.

I searched for agents that represent my genre (Fantasy Fiction, and Historical Fiction) and then geographic location (California).  The results included a manageable amount of folks within my state!  I visited each of their websites (conveniently listed on their Query Tracker profile) and determined which of the agencies, and agents at those agencies, best fit me.  All in about two hours!  That’s brilliant!  I thought it would take me days to do that.  And it probably would have if I didn’t use Query Tracker and instead had to go down to our local library, look up that big book of agents and thumb through it.

But, with Query Tracker, it’s all right there.  Brilliant!

I’ve only used the site for a day or two, so consider this a preliminary assessment, but I’m giving the site 4 out of 5 stars at the moment.

Do you use Query Tracker?  If so, what are your experiences with the site?  Good, bad, indifferent?

11 thoughts on “Query Tracker

  1. I’ve been using Query Tracker for a month or so–very handy, although I also keep a spreadsheet of submissions on my own computer. I haven’t paid for the premium service. Another good site for agent information is http://www.AgentQuery.com. It doesn’t keep records for you, but it has a LOT of agent information.

  2. “Do you use Query Tracker? ”

    Nope, I used a spreadsheet on which I recorded among other things all my comments about agents 😉

    1. Hey Sue,

      We’ll see if I resort to that or not. Kay Hudson (who just commented) uses both. I’d rather just use one, but it does offer the option of exporting your info if you wanted. I do like the idea of having a place for notes on each agent, which I think it has, and they are supposed to be private. They even have a private spot to put what you sent in. That way, you know what you sent and when. I like that part. I can easily see myself getting confused about what I sent. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      1. I also did an access data base, which I found very useful as I could create different tables from the info. Also a lot of UK agents like a snail mail sub, so I need to get all their addresses in one place.

        Use what ever suits you, just have plenty of space. They say you can average 100 subs per book. I only made it to 60 with one of mine before I called it quits. lol…

      2. HOLY COW! 60! Up to 100!


        I was thinking I’d do about 10 before I gave up… 😦

        (hiking up sleeves)

        Well, I better get to work, eh?

  3. Hey Nila,

    thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out this evening. I’ve started submitting again now after a break due to uni work. Oh, and I applied to some universities in London for English Lit. and Creative Writing … waiting for a reply! I’m so anxious!
    By the way: your blog is really going well now, it seems! It’s great! I’ve been thinking of starting a blog, too, you know … just so … oh, you know why! You’ve been there, right! I just don’t think anybody will read it anyway and … what’s the point? Sigh 😉

    Best wishes!


    1. Ah, grasshopper, the key is to write to your imaginary self. What would YOU like to read on a blog?

      It might be about writing. It might be a record of your stamp collection. Or, it might be your tirade against all those crazy Frenchmen.

      The piont of this blog is to chronicle my writing and reading efforts.

      If folks read it, then great. If not, then this is my public journal, here for me to review later and say, dang, I write a lot of typos. 😉


      So glad you are submitting!!!

      I saw your little tirade over on SFFWorld about the response times with publishers. That does suck. I wonder if they are more reponsive to those how have representation?

      Sounds like a topic for a blog post!

      Lovely to see you around, Learco 🙂

  4. “the key is to write to your imaginary self. What would YOU like to read on a blog?”

    That’s some very good advice!
    Did you think of that yourself or did you rudely copy that from someone else?
    Knowing you it’s probably the latter 😉

    Well, I’m going to open the blog soon, and maybe even self-publish, and then start writing some short stories and stuff!
    Have you heard about Ursula Le Guin’s book “Steering the Craft”? It’s basically a writing workshop she once taught as a book. I did the first three exercises and they’re quite interesting and I’ve ended up with unexpected results. I definitely recommend it! (Hey, should this have been a blog post 😉 ?)

    Good luck Nila! I think you’re doing great (kinda jealous…)

    P.S. I love your dog.

    1. I’m sure I read it somewhere, but have forgotten where, so I guess that means I thought of it myself! Or, rather, remembered it.

      When you start your blog, let me know so I can link to it. That way I can keep up with all of your going-ons.

      I have heard of Steering the Craft, but haven’t gotten it. I’ll see if there is an e-edition.

      What are you jealous of? The fact that I’m getting rejected? No need to be jealous of that – just submit! 🙂

      (Everyone loves Alby, even when he does something bad like chase our neighbor’s chickens. They never blame him, but me! He knows he’s not supposed to chase the chickens! 😉 )

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