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Woohoo!  I got my WordPress App (application) on my iPhone to finally post a post with a picture!  Which means, I can bombard you all with random posts and pictures that detail the infinite variables in my life!

Say, I make an awesome recipe that I just have to share.  Well, no more hunting around for my camera, staging the food, take a picture, upload picture to my computer, draft a post, upload picture, then post.  Something that took at least half an hour.  Usually after about five minutes of looking for the camera, I’d give up.

But now, all I have to do is tap on the little WordPress symbol and right up front it gives me an option to TAKE A PICTURE (Quick Photo).  Then the little app will take me automagically to a new post where I can rattle off something random and inconsequential for all my dedicated readers!

Dangerous, people, very dangerous…


4 thoughts on “WordPress App

    1. Ha! That’s what I was thinking! Can you believe him? I mean, it’s great and all that he decided to own up to it, but not quitting? And do you really think we are gonna believe he’s sorry? I don’t think so.

  1. Weiner seems like a typical politician: arrogant enough to think he won’t get caught, and only apologetic enough to stay in office…I’d snark something about him “finding Jesus” to burnish his contrition, but he’s Jewish.

    1. Yeah, poor judgement transcends religion (or lack of – don’t want to leave out those of us who are just as fallible). 😉

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