First query ever

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Oh, dear.  I just did something rather impulsive.  I sent in a query letter to Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Mass Literary Agency.

I know, I know – that’s like a slug asking the Queen of England to pause for just a second and take a look at the slime trail it just made for her.


The best I could hope for is a form rejection.  I’m sure she doesn’t even read her inbox.  Some poor intern gets that privilege and maybe they won’t laugh too hard at my query.

Ah, but you know what?  Now that I just queried one of the biggest agents in New York, the rest will be easy. I hope. 😉

17 thoughts on “First query ever

  1. Fingers cross for you. Just make sure you have the first 3 chapters or 50 pages draft polished and ready. You never know. If your query makes them interested you will need them.

    I got so used to rejections at one time that when I got a request for sample pages I used to panic!



  2. Relax, Nila. If a slug writes a terrific story that puts a shine in an agent’s eyes and makes them see dollar signs, then they’ll be more than happy to wipe off the slime and represent you. The Maass Agency is one of the best, and Jennifer is one of the best, too. So settle down. Just remember, the worst she can say is “No.”

    1. Right. I know she’s one of the best, which is why I chose to send it to her first. I figured if I could convince myself to sent it to her, then the rest will be super easy. So, whew! Now that’s out of the way, I can seriously start looking for an agent who might take me on. Thank you so much for your encouragement and help.

    1. Ah, but it’s what drives me. If I think everyone else thinks I’m crap, then I try to prove them wrong. There’s a method to the madness. 😉

  3. Good for you!! This is so inspiring. I can’t tell you what good timing it was for me to read this. I’m totally rooting for you.

    ~ Milli

    P.S. Loved the slime trail analogy. 😀

  4. Hey Nila,

    Long time no hear/write! I have been busy lately but see your posts all the time.

    I just wanted to take a moment to stop by and say that I am totally proud of you for starting the querying process for Agents and publishers. Way back you kept settling for self-publishing, thinking you’re not good enough for the Traditional Agent route. I think this is fantastic!

    Keep it up! I am living the vicarious writing life through you.

    How long is there turn around to get back to you? Weeks, Months?

    1. Hey T! Glad to see you around. 🙂

      Four weeks. That’s what it said on their website, so I’m sticking to that. Doutrope only has a submission tracker for the magazine market, it seems. I can’t figure out how to use it to keep track of agent queries. I was thinking of creating a spreadsheet on GoogleDocs and posting it. I’ll let you know.

      1. Nila, it is QueryTracker. It’s a free thing like Duotrope. I am a member but haven’t used it yet since I’m not ready, but it looks easy to navigate.Good luck.

      2. Cool beans! I knew someone would have thought of a solution already. I’ll check it out and maybe do a post if warranted.

        Thanks, Tricia. 🙂

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