Taking a walk on the wild side

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So, it’s official.  I went to my very first con!

BayCon 2011 was held at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara (right next to San Jose) – along with ten other conferences and conventions.  Geez – who would have guessed that Memorial Day Weekend has turned into convention weekend?

Anyway, I totally missed out on everything because the drive down was just too long.  Santa Rosa is about two hours away and with Bay Area traffic, it turned into about four hours going down.  I should have booked a room, but silly me, I thought I could drive.

No bother, I got a lot out of the writer’s workshop.  The funny thing, I had hoped to get technical advice about my writing and my novel, but what I really got (at least, what I heard) was:

Hurry up and publish, I want to buy this book.

No Joke.

Two out of four of the reviewers, all experienced writers, actually said the above statement.  Well, more or less.  They also pointed out many things I need to work on, but that is, of course, all that I heard: confirmation that I wasn’t wasting my time.

Because I have an ego the size of a gnat, I really needed to hear that.  Many thanks to Sandy Saidak for all her work organizing the workshops and special thanks to Emerian Rich, Jason Stewart, and Kirsten Imani Kasai.

Sorry folks for not expanding on much else.  I’m not the best reporter.


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