Review: Midnight Riot

Make and model?
Image by Mads Johansen via Flickr

Fun, smart read, some great one-liners, and girl-friend looks, along with a Jaguar screaming through the street of London – what’s not to like?

Oh, yeah, and there’s a psycho-ghost on the loose killing random pommies and only a street-smart, ethic wannabe-wizard can save the day – what’s not to love?

Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch lives up to its hype and I’m glad I took JW Manus’ advice and got the book.  To be fair, you definitely have to bring a heavy dose of “suspension of disbelief” on this one, but once you get over the fact that some probationary wanker can talk to ghosts, the going gets smooth and the tale is resplendent in hot chicks, mystery, and London’s history (for the ladies – we get the main character, Peter Grant, to swoon over).

Highly recommend.

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