Wanna borrow my e-book?

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So, I’m reading this book.  It’s a book I paid money for.  Not a lot of money, but you know 8.99 on Amazon Kindle.

It’s a good book.  One that many, many people like.  As a matter of fact, a book with such excellent and consistent reviews, I thought I would just love it.

But I don’t.

I’m actually finding it a slog to get through and I don’t think I’ll finish it.  No worries.  I’ll just grab the next book on my list to read and give this one to…wait.  My copy is digital.  How…what…can I do with it?  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the book.  I just don’t like the main character (review to follow sometime this week).  But, obviously, many other readers have found it quite enjoyable.  I should be able to pass my copy to someone else who will read the thing and cherish it.

I mean, if I had bought a physical copy of the thing, I would have given the book to a friend I thought might like it.  Or, it would end up in the pile of books I give to the local used bookstore.

But as it is, as far as I know, it will just languish on my iPhone, gathering virtual dust and maybe a virus or two.

I find this very frustrating.  I didn’t feel this way after I finished the first two books I read on my iPhone.  I figured, I paid for a reading.  Now I have the digital copy to peruse if I want or look up specific passages.  But, because I liked them enough to finish them, it didn’t occur to me to share.  Weird, huh?  If I had had a physical copy, I would have shared.

Anyway, I doubt I’ll finish reading this book, because though the writing is excellent, I’m just not into the main character.  There’s plenty of other books I have on my list, I’m not wasting it with a book that doesn’t capture my interest.  Just because I didn’t like it and won’t be reading it, my money shouldn’t go to waste.  Someone should read it.  At least, that’s the logic at the moment.

Frankly, I think there are readers out there for just about everything.  Okay, maybe not everything, but most stuff has an audience; even if the audience numbers one and answers to ‘Mom’ when uttered by the author.  So I know someone out in cyberland would just love it if they got a free e-copy of this book.  And I’m more than willing to give it away.


I will investigate!

2 thoughts on “Wanna borrow my e-book?

  1. Yeah, that’s something that really bugs me about ereaders. You aren’t buying books, you’re licensing content. I’m a huge sharer, always pushing books on friends and family, saying, “You have to try this!” I’m also a book hoarder, which is something I’m trying to NOT be, so having only digital copies means even if I slip, I don’t have more stuff to dust.

    1. Yes, just a rental like Netflix or something. I hadn’t really thought about it, you know, all the consequences (so American).

      Have fun with the hoarding. 😉

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