Workshop coming up!

Got my ass whipped today over on Flogging the Quill.

I figured as much, but didn’t think it was gonna be that bad.  Of course, once it’s in print somewhere else other than on my computer screen or on paper in front of me, I can see all the errors.

Well, I can see the typos and such, but the big picture?  Nope, still can’t see that.

Consequently, I can’t wait to go to the workshop at BayCon later this month (Memorial Weekend for those of you in Northern California who may want to join me).  I’m hoping I can learn to hook my readers with what’s important and focus on conflict.  Those seem to be my biggest problems.

Note, that’s not all my problems.  There’s also basic grammar and punctuation stuff, too.  And awkward sentences that don’t flow.  And a narrative that skips all over the place.  And analogies and metaphors and descriptions that are inappropriate.  Yeah, I know all that’s bad too, but it seems those are minor compared to the big picture.  Which is, I think, that I’m all over the place and I’m not focusing on the story.

Funny, that’s exactly what folks said about my query letter over on Critters!

When the masses speak, I try my best to listen.

I can only hope that my upcoming writer’s workshop will help me apply what folks are crying out.

Hopes and dreams, baby.  They’re all I got.


4 thoughts on “Workshop coming up!

  1. Nila, from middle-aged aspiring writer to another– I was one of those who commented on the opening at the Flogometer. Just wanted to say that I admire your attitude and perserverance, and that if you keep at it, you will definitely get there.

    1. Hello Beth,

      Again, thanks for reading. And welcome to my humble home.

      It’s okay if I don’t make it. I’ve enjoyed the ride. 🙂

    1. Yeah! Pictures! I’m sure there will be some great costumes. I AM in the bay area, home to all sorts of weirdos…including me!

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