It’s a Love Fest, Baby!

Milano, Italy
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Well now.  I have been schooled today.  Yesterday, too.  Thank you JW Manus!

However, a recent post over on this blog made me see the errors of my ways…or, rather, made me see there is another way: Self Love.

I am a stranger to this concept.  It seems, somehow, odd and out of context in my head.  I find it hard to say aloud.

Self Love.

Love thy self.

I love me.

Hmmmm, I will ponder this new idea and see what participates from my ruminations.

Might just be another pile of crap, but who knows?  Maybe something nice will grow.  My tomato plant is doing well.  I will try to emulate.



2 thoughts on “It’s a Love Fest, Baby!

  1. Good one, Nila, and thanks for the link. A therapist friend once said, “Some people just aren’t capable of loving themselves, but everybody can at least develop a good working relationship.”

    1. I like that. Glad I’m not so abnormal that I can’t love myself. I good working relationship – now that’s something I can shoot for. 🙂

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