Today is Wednesday.  Hump day.  A day that we hope goes by quickly because after which the week will fly by and then we have the weekend.  Our time.  The time we writer’s spend trying to catch up for all the time we had to be, you know, making a living.

Okay, a job is a poor excuse for not writing, but roll with it.

But my Wednesdays are the days I look forward to.  It’s CRITTER DAY.

That’s when I get three emails from Critters, each with a randomly selected story that I could crit if I so choose.

I usually read the first bit of each and then decide whether to offer opinions based on 1) whether I like it or 2) whether I think I can offer meaningful advice.

This week is special.  I have my query letter up there that will get distributed to a bunch of folks on Critters.  I hope I get some interest and get some feedback.

Normally, I dread the feedback, but I must be growing as a writer because now, I feel great!

In the past, though I said I was putting my junk out there to learn, really, it was for validation.  I’d site and wait for feedback, expecting my adoring new-found fans to just gush with praise and admiration.  But we all know what the reality is: meh, my fellow writers say, it could be better.  (Ha!  My motto: It could be worse!)

But today, today dear readers, I really am putting it out there to learn.  I understand now.  I can see my novel objectively (or, we’ll say, more objectively than before) and I’ve noted all the things I want to change for the third draft of my novel:  Parts that need boosting, more description and greater character development.  And I’m just waiting for everyone else to offer their two cents so that I can bounce even more ideas around in my head.

I’m really excited about all the feedback I’ll hopefully get back from Critters, FtQ, and the BayCon workshop that I’ll be going on Memorial Day Weekend.  Because this next draft, the third draft, will be my last and I really want it to shine.

I’m ready to learn.


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