2nd Draft

Is done, baby!

Now I feel like I can tackle some of the global changes I’ve meant to do:  Hunt out and kill unnecessary adverbs, add scene descriptions, connect the dots to themes in the book, and whatever else I can think of.

I feel like I can confidently tackle some of what I’m calling the meta-writing for my book; the blurb, pitch and tag line – all those things I blogged about earlier this week.

More to come.  But for now…how about a video.



4 thoughts on “2nd Draft

  1. What does one use in the slaying of adverbs? A club?

    Thank you for your very helpful comment on the Spider story I posted. It’s rare you get feedback that is actually useful to re-shaping anything.

    Good luck with your massacre.


    1. No no, a club will not do. I find a samurai sword works best. One clean, vicious cut and it is done. 😉

      Glad I could be of some use. 🙂

    1. Thank you. While folks over on Critters tear this draft apart, I’ll be working on that blurb. Maybe I’ll post it this week. Thanks again for the tips. I have something to focus on now.

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