You probably know about Duotrope, but maybe you don’t.  I just used Duotrope so I thought I’d spread the word.

So here’s the deal, after writing for a bit, you tend to accumulate all this…crap.  Stories that for some reason you still like and want others to mock.

But where the heck do you send these stories to?  You don’t actually read any of these stories or magazines that contain stories just like yours.  Pashaw!  You just write ’em.

Let me be the first to tell you, you’re not the first to come across this dilemma.  There’s a nifty site called Duotrope (don’t ask, check out their About page) that will not only help you find a market for all those stories, but keep track of all your submissions too!  With a huge search-ready database of magazines (both online and print), you are bound to find a home for your story.



5 thoughts on “Duotrope

    1. You didn’t know about Duotrope? I thought everyone did. It’s one of those sites that is heavily promoted on SFFWorld. Not sponsored or anything, but writers are always mentioning it. I started using it about a year ago. I like the system. I should contribute. Maybe this year.

      But, regardless of whether you contribute or not, they really do have a nice system to keep track of the stories you have that are ready to peddle. You simply indicate which magazine (in their system) that you submitted to and when. Then it keeps track of it for you. I’ve found that it usually takes about two to three months for anything to get accepted. About a week for a rejection. Guess they know what they are NOT looking for.

      When you get rejected or accepted, you then update your entry and stats for that magazine is updated, too. It’s kind of cool to check out magazines. Acceptance rates are usually in the 1 to 2 percent. I try to submit to magazines that have a 10% acceptance rate. I figure the odds are better.

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