Going to BayCon

BayCon 2011

(100th Post)

So…I want to go to BayCon.

BayCon is San Francisco’s main science fiction and fantasy convention.

I’ve never been to a Con.

It’s a little intimidating.

I signed up last year.  Paid my registration fee.  And didn’t go.


Because I’m a dweeb.  The worst kind of dweeb.

I didn’t go because…well…you know…because it’s a science fiction and fantasy convention!  Everyone knows the kind of people who go to those things are weirdos!

Ug.  It’s that horrible stigma.  The notion that folks who are into science fiction and fantasy are somehow more juvenile or delusional than the rest of the human population (well, that does describe me).

I know I shouldn’t care what people think.  There is nothing wrong with science fiction and fantasy stories.  These stories, like all stories, represent our dreams, passions, and fears.  Isn’t Star Trek considered our barometer for scientific and technological advancement?

Regardless of what it truly is, when I try to talk to folks about the latest fantasy or science fiction book I’ve read, I get those looks.  Like, she’s not serious, is she?

I participated in a book club for over 10 years.  During that time, I never let on that I was a science fiction/fantasy buff.  And I definitely didn’t tell folks that I wanted to write science fiction/fantasy (I didn’t know then either, so, technically, I wasn’t hiding that).

Let me tell you why: one day, one of our book club members let it be known that she was also a member of a science fiction book club.  The members of our book club laughed at her.  They made snide remarks about the quality of the writing, and the base appeal to action and/or sex in those kinds of books.

I was mortified.  And I didn’t say a word.  I did not back her up.  I sat and simply watched in horror, glad that I wasn’t the one being mocked.   She handled it with perfect aplomb.  Didn’t bat an eye and re-countered their abuse with a well rehearsed speech.  I can’t remember what she said, but she made me proud.  Proud to be a science fiction/fantasy fan.  But I still kept my mouth shut.

To be fair, years later, I was the first in our group to nominate a fantasy book for the club to read (Wicked by Gregory Maguire).  It wasn’t very well received by that crowd, but they all ate their disparaging remarks when the thing became a huge musical.

Anyway, the thing is that most adults don’t take science fiction/fantasy very seriously and they definitely do not take the fans all that seriously either.

So…should I do it?  Should I bow to peer pressure and…lie about going to BayCon? 😉

14 thoughts on “Going to BayCon

  1. Yeah, Go!!

    Also, lie to them if you feel like it. Tell them its something to do with Bay Watch. And then say I got down there and it was a sci-fi convention and all these nuts were running around. By the way I actually had a blast with these nuts. It’ll be great material for my book.

    It’s so easy to lie if you make an effort to do so! 🙂

  2. Go! The best thing I did was to go to Eastercon back in 2006. I got to know a bunch of fellow writers, some publishers and agents in a social setting. I also met and got to know my now agent. In fact at Eastercon 2008 it took him a few minutes to twig it was I that had submitted the manuscript of the ‘pig’ to him.

    Go, enjoy it and speak to everyone!!

    1. Cool. It’s official. I’m going and will hopefully also be participating in the writer’s workshop. Yikes! Not only a flogging, but a real-life, in-person flogging! Can I take it? Guess we’ll find out. :-\

      1. Ha! Well, a virtual flogging without the bite…yeah, I’m still standing. 🙂

        But, seriously, I registered last night and submitted the first part of my novel. Man, there’s no turning back now.

        I could always not show up. 😉

  3. Don’t be foolish, go! You’re never going to learn the ropes of the business sitting on the area we all know as the butt. Besides, I need you to go so you can tell us all about it.

    Another reason for you to go is I want to hear what kind of tall tale you make up for your writing group, on how you went to a sci-fi convention.

    I have visions of the retro-tv shows – “Stay tuned folks! Don’t touch that dial! Don’t go away, we will be right back with more programing.” I can’t wait for the post on how you tell them and their reactions.

    1. Excellent, T.

      You just gave me a fool-proof way to get me there and back: My audience (of six) needs me!

      Clever boy….

      1. This is going to be fun! 😉

        Consider this like,,,,investigative reporting.

        Fun! Fun! Fun! Can’t wait!

  4. I would totally fit in with the weirdo/delusional sect. Makes me want to take up sci/fi/fantasy reading and writing just to be one of them. Count yourself lucky. Wear your nerd badge with pride. And wear your hair in two honey bun braids next time you show up for your writer’s group.

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