Ah, the wandering writer’s soul

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The muse, the will, the ambition – whatever you want to call it – has left me.

I no longer want to write.

It’s not that it is a lot of work – though there is that.

It’s not that my writing is really not up to par – and that’s true too.

And, it’s not that I’m not encouraged – didn’t my sister-in-law just say she thought I should write books for children?

Okay, okay, on that last one, when I read her note, I really was insulted, but she meant it as a compliment so I will take it as such.

No, the reason I don’t want to write is, well, I don’t want to.  There’s nothing to write about.  It’s all been said a thousand times over in a manner so exquisite and clearer than I ever can, why waste my time?

I suppose I do enjoy it.

I laugh and cry at the things I come up with.  And that’s something.  I suppose.

Of all the writing advice out there, that is the one piece of advice I am happy to pass along:

If you want to write, first and foremost, write for yourself.

I’m sure others have said this better a hundred times before, but there it is again.

Because, frankly, if I’m not enjoying it, no one else will.  And let’s be blunt, too, while we are at it, very few people will probably read my stuff anyway.  I am my first, best, and worst reader.  And at the moment, I just don’t want to read my crap.  I’ll take someone else’s crap, please.

So, there, I said it.  I’m taking a break.  No more writing from me until I really feel like writing again.  Until then, I will read all those books on my reading list.

(Big Breath In – Big Breath Out)

Ah, I feel better now.  And I’m looking forward to all the great reads out there just waiting for my grubby little eyes to devour.

Happy Writing and Reading! 🙂

Oh, don’t ask about the picture, it’s random.  And my novel is coming along, but I need a break from it.  Short story is finished (my latest one) and it’s crap, but has some potential if I take the time to re-write.  Other than that, haven’t been writing much, anyway.  Later.


4 thoughts on “Ah, the wandering writer’s soul

  1. Hey my writing friend.

    I can understand reaching moments of doldrums when it comes to writing. It happens all the time to me, but I eventually pick it up again. Give yourself some time.

    Why you are giving yourself time, think about this –
    1. Why do you write?
    2. What is it from writing that you are trying to obtain? Ex. Piece of mind, feeling of creating something, new line of employment, wanting to entertain others, etc.
    3. When you write, is there a writing style or writer that you want to mimic? Do you want to venture out and blaze a new trail in writing? Or, do you not care about the rules and what others think they know about writing and what they think is going to entertain someone else?
    4. What do you want to give to writing?
    5. What is your purpose in life? Can writing fit into that purpose?
    6. Do you have a dream?

    I know these may sound like strange questions but think about them. One final question, or statement, — when it comes to your book, everyone fears the unknown. It’s natural. However, once you take that first few fearful steps forward, the unknown becomes known, and is no longer something to be feared.

    I suggest to you, that you take those few steps forward in regards to publishing your book. You never know where they will take you.

    It’s better to be unsuccessful, then never trying at all, because the wondering if you would have been successful is worse, because you would never know. Therefore, step towards the unknown. Publish that book!

    Thank you for being a wonderful person and doing your part by Donating to the relief efforts for Japan. We have had a great response in just a short time so far. 305 items with nearly 200 more items pledged in less than 4 days.

    T. Ansel Knemeyer

    1. Hey T!

      Sorry I haven’t responded. Just been busy. That’s great to hear the drive is going well!

      And thank you for the advice. Those are some good questions. I will mediate on them, and see where it leads me. Cheers.

      1. It’s going great! I’m reading again!!! I love it. Just reading to read for fun. I need these sorts of breaks more often. I just finished The Windup Girl and trying to figure out which book on my list to pick up next. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for visiting.

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