Dog Alert

I’m bored.  I have heaps to do, but don’t want to do it.  Can’t think of a better way to procrastinate than to post pictures of my dog (get over it) and some of the local birds.


Climbing a tree (yes, he's 12 years old...)



Enjoying the beach like only a dog can




Where are we going?



A snowy egret warming in the sun



Flighty great egret



Shooting star
Shooting star (Dodecatheon sp.)


Sorry, couldn’t help myself with the last one.  I have heaps of bad flower photos – not just bad pictures of my dog and critters.

By the way, don’t forgot that Angry Robot Books issued their cattle call this month.


2 thoughts on “Dog Alert

    1. He is my only son and can do no wrong. I got him “blind” from the humane society. I said give me an older female. I got Alby. 😉

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