Apparently, I have hidden under my rock for too long. So long that a mullet crazy has seemingly invaded Southern Cal. Who knew?

I can’t figure out how to post the pics on my iPhone while posting from my iPhone, but I’ll get at least one up when I get home.

Here’s my stealth photo taken of a gal with a mullet:


Yes, that's a mullet


I know, you can’t tell, huh?  Hold on, let me get a close up…


Yes, that's a mullet (dope!)

Argh!!  Stupid iPhone camera.

Though it is hard to tell, this fine, upstanding citizen is sporting a thin, three inch mullet with a military style crop.  Styling!

I shouldn’t talk.  I recently gave myself a “number 3”. 😮








Oh, by the way, my story, Bollyman, is up on Every Day Fiction.  Check it out!



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