Waiting In Airports Sucks

Especially if you misjudge San Francisco Bay Area traffic and get to the airport THREE hours before your flight.

Ah well, guess it’s time for a rambling blog post.

I suppose I should update the world (and all the spam bots that visit) on my novel’s progress. The second edit/re-write should be just about wrapping up by now, but it isn’t. I just can’t bear looking at the thing-it’s so bad. I know folks who have read it (huge thank you, by the way) found it somewhat tolerable, but it needs a lot work. And not just the nit-picky stuff. I’m talking about plot and character development.

For a first effort, I can say with some confidence that it is not that bad, but, well, I’m just not so sure about the whole thing.

Conclusion? I’m gonna allow the the beast to rest. Take a few months off and write (badly) other stuff.

I’ve submitted some piec

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