SPAM. Want some?

What's for Dinner! - Spam
Image by brizzle born and bred via Flickr

Ya got to hand it to some of those spam-bots, or spammers, or whatever you call ’em.

Are they real, live people?  I always assumed they weren’t, but maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, there are lots of different kinds of spam.  There’s the kind that comes in a can that is popular with islanders and Monty Python.  But that’s not the kind of spam I’m talking about.  I’ll leave that for another post.

There’s email spam.  The aim of those generally fall into these three categories:

  1. Buy my crap
  2. Give me all your crap (in the form of all your personal identification information)
  3. Help me steal all your crap from you (in the form of those letters from that just inherited millions of dollars, and can’t seem to use it without a random person’s help)

Then there’s blog spam.  Those usually go in the comment section of any post, and they might say something like:

“Great post!”


“What an insightful post, I will follow you religiously.”


“Dog plant, supplies, checkbooks wander the earth in search of state, glasses are not for…”

You get the picture.  They are either random words strung together or some standard phrase.  The main purpose of posting the comment is to include their link to some website that sells their crap.

When I started blogging, I didn’t understand spam that was left as comments on sites that were obviously moderated.  I mean, why would you devise a program to waste all those ones and zeros when you know the only person who would see it is the blog administrator…

Oh.  It’s all just for me?  How sweet!  Not.

Whatever.  It’s not like I get a ton, and the WordPress spam-catcher-magic-thingy works great.  I only have to occasionally go into the spam folder and delete the few that end up in there.  No biggie.  The WordPress magic has yet to miss-file a comment.

Even so, I do read them, unless they are those really long Russian ones.  Geez, what on earth are they saying?  Anyway, I read them because, well, I just do.  Kind of like watching flies before you kill them.  And, sometimes, they are unintentionally funny.  Like this one:

It is also mentioned that bathing is unsanitary.


Spam – gotta love it!

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