Re-vamped Schedule

Now that I’ve had some time to digest the two critiques I’ve gotten back so far, I realize there is no way in hell that I’m gonna get this thing together by the end of March.  It is just not gonna happen.

So…now I’m hoping I can edit/rewrite Feb/March, finish the second draft by the end of March, get it on Critters during March/April, re-write/edit during May, and hopefully have something to show for all my effort in June or July.


You know, I always knew it would be hard, but I had no idea it would take me this long.


10 thoughts on “Re-vamped Schedule

  1. It takes as long as it takes. I wrote the frist draft of Oracle back in 2005/2006! Ok, it has sat in the back draw for months at a time, but each time I edited it, I submitted it to agents. Even when I was submitted Hand of Glory, Oracle was doing the rounds.

    Also stop the talk of self-publishing 😉 until you have given the agents a try….

    1. I understand you in regards to the amount of time it will take. However, if it wasn’t for me putting my foot down and trying out NaNoWriMo (sort of), I wouldn’t have finished. So, deadlines work for me. I just have to make sure that they are realistic deadlines. 😉

      So how is the Hand of Glory going? I thought that was accepted and in revision mode, but your latest posts talk about Oracle. So what’s up?

      1. I agree, you should try agents first to see how it goes. You can always self publish if you are not getting the response you want. And you might need an agent to help with the self-publishing side of things. If I recall, lots of agents if they like your work won’t charge until they sale it. However, if you self-publish and use an agent, you will need to pay them upfront a certain amount if they represent you.

        I can understand if you are wanting control of your work. However, try and sell your work via an agent to some publisher first. If it works, being published by someone will bode well for your writing credentials more than self publishing is what I here.

        I’ll encourage you any path you choose, but remember to look at all sides. That includes stepping out of your comfort zone even when you feel you are not ready for something, because you might actually be more ready than you realize.

        Maybe you have a plan that we don’t know about, and if you do, great! If not, then remember to contemplate all your options!

      2. You two are so awesome. I will try, but I just feel that life is passing me by. I’m getting impatient. Maybe I’ll give myself a limit on how many I can try or for how long, then I’ll shoot for the self-publishing. Thanks.

  2. Hand of Glory is done and dusted and in the hands of my agent. Oracle is an older work which he thinks has “it” what ever that might be, but it needs trimming and altering, so working on that and other new work.

  3. I can understand about life passing you by. I have those feelings a lot myself. It feels like life is moving faster and faster. You and I are pretty close to the same age so I really can understand your point. It’s a real drag isn’t it. 🙂

    I really like your plan!

    Give it a few months, but also research the self publishing at the same time this way you won’t feel like you are losing time.

    Your story has a real good concept, and you have written it very well, like us all, it needs an editors eye to fine tune it. An agent can give you that as well. So check out my list I gave you as a starting point and go to it. I can give you more lists of agents if you need it. Those are listed as Sci-Fi Fantasy. If you have another genre of Agents for me to query let me know.

    Sale! Sale! Sale!

    1. Your story has a real good concept, and you have written it very well…

      Oh dear, have you actually read it? The more I look at what I have to fix, the less I think I’ll ever get anywhere with all this. But your enthusiasm is catching. I’ll sale sale sale! 🙂


    7 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block
    by Mark Nichol

    I think you got this tip in your email. I liked the 7th Tip the best and thought it was fitting for you and many of us.
    7. Remember the only readership that matters: You. Your goal is not to write the greatest article or poem for how-to guide or epic novel ever created. Your goal is to satisfy yourself. Author Toni Morrison once said, “If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” And you must do so because you want to read it. If anybody else does, too, that’s just icing on the cake.

  5. Below is a writers contest for you to think about. It’s in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle area.

    Due date is Feb. 18th…..;…. Think about it…

    Friday February 18, 2011 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

    For additional questions, please email or call us at (425) 673-2665
    —- Entries must be RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 18, 2011.

    Contest Categories –
    1. Mainstream
    7. Non-Fiction Book/Memoir
    2 .Historical
    8. Screen Writing
    3. Romance* (electronic only)
    9. Poetry
    4. Mystery/Thriller
    10. Short Story
    5. Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
    11. Children’s Picture Book or Chapter Book
    6. Young Adult Novel
    12. Adult Short Topics: Article/Essay/ Short Memoir

    Awards and Benefits
    The eight finalists in each category will be notified June 2011 prior to the PNWA Summer Conference August 4-7, 2011. Award Winners will be announced at the conference. Every entry accepted in the contest will receive two –critiques—a useful tool for any writer.
    Finalists who attend the PNWA Summer Conference will receive a Finalist ribbon for their name badge, giving them high visibility to the agents and editors at the conference. Finalists’ manuscripts will be made available to agents and editors during the conference. In addition, finalists entries are read and judged by an agent or editor to determine the top TWO in each category.
    Winners are given the opportunity to attend the Agents and Editors Reception at the PNWA Summer Conference.

    Awards will be given as follows:
    First Place: $700 and the Zola Award
    Second Place: $300

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