Jumping the Gun, or in this case, the Donkey


Anxious to get my novel done and out to folks for review, I forgot about Sancho.

Sancho!!!  Where are you Sancho?!

Sancho is a donkey.  In my novel, he was so supposed to be the source for jokes and lighthearted mayhem.  The thing is, he was an afterthought (EDIT: credit where credit is due – suggested by HE that another steed was needed 😉 ).  I didn’t think to put him in until well after I wrote the outline, and after I started writing.

So, I kept forgetting about him.  And when I did remember, I couldn’t figure out where he was supposed to be.  Was he with Andreas?  Or with Pedro?  Did Amir take him along with Andreas’ jennet?  Or did he just get lost and ended up wandering the Moixero range?

The sad thing is that I simply forgot about him, but every now and then I interjected him into the story.  I’m sure he’ll either be a minor annoyance to my beta readers or another source of confusion.

Ah, well.  I guess Sancho is doing his job of causing mayhem. 😮


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