Next Writing Goal

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I am so bummed.

When I am finally ready to start using the Critters Writers Workshop again, it is down.  Don’t bother clicking on the link now, it isn’t working.  I usually get several emails from the critter captain (aburt) every week, but his digital minions are dead.  Or not talking to me anyway.  I hope whatever ill has befallen the site gets wiped out soon by the fairy godmother.

Where is she!  I wanna crit!  And get critted!

As you may know, I finished my novel and I started editing.  (Wow – I feel like a writer now! :D)  But as a goal oriented individual, I wallowed for a couple of weeks wondering if I really wanted to do anything with my baby or just let it die a slow, painful death in the bowels of my computer.

Lucky for me, there’s always someone out there with an even more sick sense of what is fun than my own.

Angry Robots, a new publisher of science fiction and fantasy books (both digital and hardcopy), has issued a call for unagented submissions.

Are they nuts?!  Don’t they know what they’ll get?  Don’t they know that yahoos left, right and center will be sending all their crappy stories?  Don’t they know I’ll send my too short, newbie, wannabe-historic fantasy novel?

Well, I’m sure they know, but there it is.  For the month of March 2011, Angry Robots will accept your novel.  Some poor sap will read your query letter.  They might even read the first five chapters that you’ll send.  And if you are really lucky and incredibly good, you’ll get that email saying they want more.

Read their guidelines carefully, folks.  Send only your best.  You have until the end of March.  I suggest you get to work.

I am.


2 thoughts on “Next Writing Goal

  1. Best of luck with your next goal. I like this goal oriented approach idea. Maybe I should consider being intelligent and adopting goals. Ah.. the chaos of writing.

    Good luck with Angry Robots. I find they usually just need a little WD-40.


    1. Hello D!

      Thanks for stopping by. Setting goals for myself has been crucial for me. Otherwise, I just go from one new/cool/far-more-interesting-than-what-I’m-working-on-now idea. Try it. 😉

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