Now what?

I’d like to write something meaningful this second-to-last day of 2010, but nothing comes to mind.  What that says about me, I’d rather not think about.

A lot has happened this past year.

My husband and I spent two months with his family in New Zealand.  Why we haven’t moved there is a topic for another post.  Suffice to say we had an awesome time with family.

We finished the remodel on our house – TEN years after we started the project.  Thought the day would never come, but it finally did.  Of course, as soon as we finished the house, we left it.

I got a job in a city we know nothing about and that is a four-hour drive away from the town we got married in.

I got a job.  That bears repeating as I haven’t had a job that required I leave the house in over nine years.  What a shock to the system!  Not only do I have to navigate an entirely new city, but I have to actually get dressed.   Every day.  With different clothes!  Don’t get me started on office politics…

I finished the first draft of my novel – Devil’s Blood.

Wow.  That’s seems like a lot, but I feel as if we’ve missed the boat.  Or, maybe we got on a boat we shouldn’t have.  I still have visions of white sands, blue water, and green hillsides…we should have stayed in New Zealand…

03-02-10 013


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